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Since he is older I would go with a higher basking zone temperature. You can safely make the basking area between 90-110*. At 110* some chameleons will run into hyperthermia. You can get close with no problem. This will bring up the ambient temperature too. You will probably have to play around with wattages, vines and placement to keep it safe. If you do go with the higher numbers in the basking area it is imparitive that he can not get directly under the bulb for quite a distance down. He should bask from the side.

The laterally compressed body serves quite a few purposes. In the manner you are describing he is probably utilizing it to stay warmer longer. As heat rises the bigger up and down of his body will keep the heat from rolling off as quick because it has to travel further.

Live plants will help you stabilize the temperatures in the cage better too. The absorb light and in doing so absorb heat. They can also slow the air flow a bit allowing more time for the air to be heated by the light and the already warm air in the top part of the cage. They also generate resporiration that is the same temperature as the surrounding area.

Higher heat with veileds usually means better brighter colors this can add some more enjoyment to owning one. It is cool seeing them across the room almost neon soaking up some rays. When I added a flourescent bulb for the plants (Flora-Glo) this generates heat to because it is such a high wattage bulb.
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What is your 1st choice for a basking bulb?
A standard household incandescent bulb works just fine.

I may be way off here, but your initial concerns about your cham "sucking in his body" makes me think...... "You don't see me, I'm not here"... It's a fear response......
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