chameleon on the bottom, help

so i came home from school today and went over to my viv and i saw my chameleon pawing the glass as if he was trying to climb the wire that powers my basking lamp. i thought he was lost and needed help, so i tried to get him to climb on my hand (he usually does this wholeheartedly) and he started gaping at me, then he climbed the tree and didnt do anything else. what should i do, is he sick or does he need a bigger viv? whats happening?


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Move the wire so he can't see it is the first thing I would do. My guess is you have a glass enclosure? Some chamelleons don't recognize glass as a barrier and get stressed when they see something on the otherwise they can't get to.

This is the reason I don't use glass anymore. For now though, just hide the wire, it should help...
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