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As I am sure you have read, I am new to Chameleons. I do however have 2 years experience in Corn snakes and Leopard Geckos.

I would like to make sure I have all my basis covered before I get my girl on Saturday!:D Any information that can help her grow safely, happily, and most important healthy is appreciated. (I will be reading thru the threads as well)

To start, she is a Translucent Veiled about 2 months in age.
Her starter home will be a 36x24x16 terrarium. With her comes a Pythos plant, calcium, multi-vit, heat bulb, uva/uvb bulb, 1 week old crickets, a few types of small worms. I have/bought a fabric tank liner, lamps, vines, food/water dish, air bubbler for the water dish, thermometer, hydrometer.
Am I missing anything?
:confused:First I want to know if I need to be extra careful with her eyes because she is a Translucent.
:confused:I have read that to start, a glass terrarium is fine but should I have a fan above?
:confused: In some stores I see almost an inch of water in the veiled babys tanks, should I do the same or just mist daily?
:confused: I cant seem to find anywhere how much I should start off feeding a 2 month old.
Whats up Squishy!

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Glad youve found us ;)

A ventilated terrarium is fine, a fish tank is not.

No substrate/carpet is necessary/needed/desirable.

A good bare, easily cleaned surface with a few small holes for water to drain out is what you need.

Feed the chameleon as much as it wants to eat.

For anything else:

...and again, welcome to CF...
You don't need a water dish or a bubbler. You should mist the cage for a couple of minutes several times a day and your chameleon will drink off of the leaves in the enclosure.
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