Chameleon in Sun?


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He might be trying to absorb the heat. Make sure it is a nice temperature outside, or he might be getting cold!

There's also the possibility that he isn't comfortable going wherever you take him to get sun, making him a bit upset?


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Our sun is nowhere near the temps that you have, but I persevere as I think any sun is better than no sun. Popeye always turned dark when I took him out. I think because it was territory unknown to him. Now he looks to go out, stays quite red and now stayed at the top of his outside viv instead of the bottom.:)


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Its possible he is afraid. I take my boys out and my panther turns darker and freezes in to a statue, stays that way for hours. He is afraid of the birds and airplanes. My Jackson, however is totally fine, turns a beautiful color and just chills out.


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It could be he's seeing something, or that he's trying to get sun. Mine in the mournings outside will be dark, and lighten up when it gets hot.
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