Chameleon housing


Hi all,

After some advice about panther chameleon housing, im currently researching all care requirements as i wish to own my first chameleon at some point in the future.

when it comes to housing, i am drawn to the Vivexotic Viva chameleon specific viv. I currently have Vivexotic for my other reptile which i am happy with. I know many people are against having wooden vivs, an are very pro-mesh cages.

My issue with a mesh cage is that it would leak and cause issues with water escaping as the cage/viv will be in a bedroom.

I am in the early stages of re-search so any inputs/advice would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance,

If you want to set up a panther cham cage then a screen cage is a MUST!!!!!!!!!
2x2x4 is what is needed for a adult. Drainage is easy, u can buy a plastic sink at the local lowes or Home Depot to set it on and use a 5 gallon bucket for it to drain into,or build a drainage table for it. Brian Stinson /Reptoman man came up with the best idea, I have used HIS idea as well as many others have also. Look at his posts or mine for ideas, I stole his idea as it was fantastic !!! You can buy a screen cage cheep from Lll reptiles or DIY that will work for the life of your panther Cham. I promise you will not regret doing your due diligence on this first before you purchase anything and will have a better,more cost effective set up for your Cham to start with and u will have no need to up grade later. Hope this helps
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