Chameleon had a bad fall


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My chameleon,Thirsty, is about 5 months old. She has been very healthy and has always had a huge appetite. Last night she had a fall/ about two feet down and landed in a shallow pool of water ( first time she fall.) I thought it would be best not to touch her. By sight she looked ok. I gave her over night and checked up on her in the morning. Now I am deeply concerned. Thirsty has not ate or drank anything today. When she tries to climb her back left paw grabs her side and latches onto it. She can hold on to the side of the cage but eventually falls. Its like she forgot how to use her legs. She has good color and by sight you wouldn't guess something is wrong. I am 5 hours out from a vet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Cage Type -Mesh cage 18"x18" and 38" High

Lighting - Daytime 12 hours, night time 12 hours. I have a 150volt red heating light and a 18" long 50 UVB/UVA Zilla fluorescent bulb.

Temperature - The basking spot is between 80-95 degrees. It is never colder than 70 degrees on the bottom of her cage.

Humidity - The humidity level is 60. I mist her cage as needed ( atleast 5 times a day) and have a Repti Fogger ( zoo med) humidifier. Once a week I spray her with Zilla's tropical mist. Also I provided a dripper and a small pool of water to keep the humidity up. Her cage has a temperature and humidifier gauge.

Plants - One small Hibiscus tree

Placement - My cage is located in front of my window ( its faced the sunrise). I live in the woods so noise is a problem.

I feed her meal worms, fresh bite size vegetables and crickets. The crickets eat Fluckers high calcium cricket diet and are dusted with reti calcium and vitamin D3

Location - WA
Welcome to the forum. We will help as best we can.

I know you answered some of these, but please fill out all the questions from this link and be as specific as possible. All this information is necessary provide help.

Also, just from what you posted, you should not be giving D3 every day. It should only be 2 times a month. But you should be doing regular calcium daily.

Here is a link to the care sheets area.
Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to hear about the fall. You need to take Thristy to the vet. It sounds like she got hurt pretty bad when she fell. Do you have a vet for your chameleon? If not look through this thread and see if there's one within driving distance to you. Read all the post where the members here recommended their vet.
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Your Chameleon - Female veiled chameleon 5 months old

Handling - once or twice every two weeks

Feeding -12 crickets are dusted a week and she eats about 12-15 large a week
depending if i give her worms or not
Watering -I mist 5-10 minutes depending if shes thirsty or not and the humidity levels
Fecal Description - Large firm fecal matter and her pee is white She has been tested for parasites

History Ive had her for 2 months, and this is the first health problem so far
If you are dusting daily with calcium with d3 then that could be the reason shefell in the first place. She should be having his feeders dusted with calcium without d3 daily and calcium with d3 twice a month and also a multivitamin twice a month. It sounds like she has hurt herselfn and shebneeds a vet visit. Do you have pics of her? Can you make her viv safe for her in case she falls again. Place a towel at the bottom of the viv and bring her vines low.:)
I have an important question for you? The zilla lights come with a plastic shield over the actual light in the fixture. Have u removed that if you are using that fixture? If not, you need to right away. You are blocking out her uvb rays.
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