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Hi, I don't have a veiled chameleon yet but I am planning on getting one within a month or so and I'm just doing some research. I know chameleons should be allowed to roam out of the cage every now and then but the only problem is what if my chameleon goes to the bathroom while roaming. Is there a certain place chameleons go to the bathroom? How would I prevent messes in the house? If it only goes to the bathroom in the cage would I need to clean the whole cage out every time ?


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Every adult Cham that I’ve had has potty trained themselves. That’s right, I said potty trained and I mean it. When they were young they would go wherever but after about a year I noticed they routinely went in the same spot. I’m talking about like in an area no bigger than 6inches across. They also usually do it within 3-4 hours of waking up and eating breakfast so I don’t let them free range until then. Most of mine only poop once a week, usually on the weekend. That’s means I rarely have to clean up Cham poop outside their viv. But when I do, it’s usually a big one. Just be sure they aren’t free ranging over something like your couch and you’ll be fine!


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...and no, you don’t have to clean the entire viv out every time they go, a spot cleaning is fine. Your Cham comes with an immune system, let them use it!


It helps to have doggie pads at the bottom of your chameleons cage because they can go to the bathroom on it and its easy to change out
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