Chameleon fighting style?


I've been sitting around, training on some kung fu, primarily Taiji and doing some Iron Palm workouts, and thinking about what it would be like to make my own style.
I always dreamed about making some kind of fictional-zombie-based style which would contain grapples and lots of biting, but I figured that it wouldn't be very hygenic.
So one day, there I was, watching Zed the chameleon climb perfectly from branch to branch, and it hit me: A chameleon fighting style :D

First I thought out what I'd like to call a "goal" (Deciding what you would see a lot of in the style.) I noticed Zed always shooting his tongue in a straight line, and never missed. Why was it he never missed? It's because he waited for the perfect moment-- waited until the cricket was right where he wanted, when there were no branches or leaves in the way. And even then, he would prepare his tongue a couple seconds before he shot.

How could I apply this? Well I just compared a chameleon, a cricket, and a tree to me, my enemy, and his defenses. I'm a chameleon and he is lunch, I just have to wait for the right moment to make a perfect strike by working his arms (branches) away from his face/torso

As for Zed climbing from branch to branch, I started working on a practice form for that already. Zed's hands are my hands, and the branches are my opponent's arms/legs. Grabbing them and moving from "branch to branch" is something easy to work on.

And for the color-changing, I have no idea what I can do to apply that. Any ideas?

I'm having lots of fun with this.
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