Chameleon fell off side of cage


My male 6 month old panther chameleon lunged at me when I went to give him his meds and fell about 3.5 feet. His landing wasn't soft (plastic floor) and I didn't see how he landed but I THINK he landed on his feet somehow, that or he got back on his feet faster than my reaction to look. I am worried about him because that looked like it hurt. He is walking like normal and acting the same as usual I am just wondering what I should do and how I know if he is hurt or not.
You could take him to a vet for x-rays I suppose. But if he's acting and moving normal, with same use of his limbs and feet, he's probably ok. I hope at least.
Is his grip still strong? Does he walk or act funny in any way?
(for future reference this is very common). Chameleons are even built to jump out of the way from predators. They inflate their bodies with air to cushion their fall.
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