Chameleon eating habits


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Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon, pretty positive it’s female, and not sure on age but young for sure. If anyone could help me with the age thing that’d be great!

  • Handling - A few times a week. She seems totally calm and content with being handled and isn’t puffed up or unusually dark.

  • Feeding - I’ve been attempting to feed her crickets and superworms, dusted with calcium without D3 and I also have bought calcium with D3 and plan to use it 2x a month (I’ve only had her for about a week) as well as a vitamin for the opposite weeks. I tried hand feeding and cup feeding but she won’t do it, the only way I’ve seen her eat is by putting crickets or super worms in her habitat and letting her hunt, but she has only eaten a few crickets and a couple super worms every day. Both gutloaded with kale and dusted.

  • Supplements - I’m dusting the feeders with ZooMed Repti Calcium without D3 and with D3 2x a month. I’m using vitamins on the other weeks.
  • Watering - I have been misting regularly.
  • Fecal Description - Brown and a bit slimy but compact. White/yellowish tip.
  • History - I wasn’t given any history other than that the pet store fed her 5 crickets 2x a day.

Cage Info:

  • Cage Type - All screen, 16"x16"x30”,
  • Lighting - ZooMed UVB light and daylight blue light.
  • Temperature - The overall cage temp it 72-75 degrees, and basking is 80 ash, bottom is 65-70 in the daytime. The lowest temp is 60 ish at night. I keep a probe thermometer to measure these.
  • Humidity - I live in a very dry area, Tucson, and have issues keeping it humid with the all-screen enclosure. I shoot for as high as I can make it but it usually is between 30-50%.
  • Plants - I have a lavender plant and a hibiscus as well as a few artificial. I mist them a lot.
  • Placement - Cage is located near a window in my bedroom, but the blinds are almost always closed. There is a fan in the center of the room but not directly over her, and the air duct is across the room, the room is quiet most of the time. The cage is on a table and the top is about four feet from the floor.
  • Location - I live in Tucson, Arizona

Current Problem - Okay so I’ve only had the chameleon for about a week and a half and so far and from everything I’ve seen she seems to be in good shape. However, since I don’t know her age I don’t know how much she should be eating. She usually eats a few crickets and a few superworms everyday. She hates being watched while eating and won’t really but I have monitored it just by sitting in the room after putting some crickets or worms in and hearing the sound of her tongue catching one, and sneaking a peek of her with it in her mouth :) As I said before she won’t cup feed or hand feed and rarely will eat at all if I’m watching, although I have seen her a few times with the superworms especially. Anyways she’s a light eater and I take out the feeders she hasn’t eaten at the end of the day and thru all of that I can confirm she’s only eaten a couple of each. I’ve seen threads where people are saying their charms eat 20+crickets a day... so I worry she isn’t getting enough food. I’ll insert a picture so if anyone can approx. her age. Should I be worried?


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