Chameleon dropping is it still dehydrated?


Hi guys i had 2 pairs of chameleons brought in to the philippines it was extremely difficult and the chameleons travelled 24 hours without food or water before reaching my city 3 days ago and 1 pair i sold... attached here is a picture of the droppings from my male bot chameleons have been eating since they arrived and drinking water.. I will also post a picture of my female would you guys know what subspecies it is? the one selling me does not know much he just says his supplier just told him panther chameleon and thats it... my male i believe is an ambilobe females are harder to classify... much thanks!


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dont know much bout panthers... atm planning
to learn more in the future.. BUT my veiled...
his poop and pee comes seperate from eachother...
your panther looks a bit lumpy poopandpee stuck to
eachother.. so thats kinda awkward for me to see
the fact that he is eating and drinking sounds positive. sometime my veiled will poo a slimy one. the very tip of the photo has a white part so I'm sure it will progress as he drinks more. the 24 hour trip was surely a stressful one and he needs to settle in.

another scenario is that they may be wild caught and they may carry parasites. I get mine checked every 6-8 months but im sure the above is the more likely option
I dont think they are wild caught they came from USA hahaha i dont think there are any wild panther chameleons to be caught there...
Ms katilemons the lip is perfectly fine now thanks a bunch it went back to normal the day after... what a blessing and she is as beautiful as ever now eating well and showing her colors as you can see on the pic... but still i doubt ready to do any breeding for a few months hehehe
lol. Oh, good!! I'm glad her lip went back to normal. I loved my first female. she was such a little sweetie. I'm glad your enjoying them. Chameleons sure are a fun hobby.
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