Chameleon Dream Mansion in St Charles Missouri

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I am wanting to sell and / or trade my amazing chameleon enclosure. I spared no expense and this thing has it ALL. I have a full colony of Dubias (included) that I decided to raise to feed the chameleon I never got. I cant get past the bugs, I thought I could handle them to feed my future spoiled chameleon(again, never purchased the chameleon). I cant do it.
Everything was carefully thought out and you will NOT be disappointed, I guarantee that. I have everything you need to get off on one hell of a foot with chameleons. The enclosure has been THRIVING with new LIVE plants, hand crafted bamboo "rope" bridge. 3 times a day auto mister (included). Built in drain using pond-liner.
All this built into a converted hutch.
includes the following(so much to list, sure I am leaving stuff out):

Enclosure approx 82"x32"x19" with custom made drip pan for drain
velcro metal mesh roll up front door.
pond liner drain (removable)
all live plants
Tiki totem decoration
MistKing Professional misting system(with TONS of extra attachments)
Currently setup to auto mist 3x a day everyday-timers included
Surge protector / timer mounted to the back of enclosure for all accessories
CoraLife quad bulb light hood (with 4 bulbs installed and working)
brand new UVB bulb never used, lenses never touched.
hand crafted coconut fiber covered feeder cup (with no-cut edge protector installed)
all bamboo sticks, tree branch (taken from my apartment after the tornado came through and did some tree damage)
2 large display digital thermometers with probes, one small digital thermometer with probe
overhead lamp basking light (with bulb)
The Big Dripper large water dripper (never in use, only tested during eco system initial stabalization for drip location(s))
3 hand blown glass lizard decorations purchased in taiwan.
2 5 gallon water buckets with screw top lids for easy water top offs.
repti-safe water treatment (largest bottle they make) still 90% left
Repashy Calcium Plus (largest they make, only opened to put in container but changed my mind, never used any)
Dino Fuel (largest they make, unopened)
Water crystals for the dubias, that bag of water crystals has made that jug next to it probably 10 times now and there are at least 50 - 75 more uses before you will need more, years of water for the bugs
extra bag of water crystals
5lbs of dubia chow (2 months I used 2 lbs, I just ordered 5lbs and I have used one feeding out of it as of 7/26) (ill give you my chow supplier's email address, the guy ships INSANE fast)
Brand new repti-fogger complete with extra tubes (the enclosure is set up with a tube at the top to drop fog into the enclosure but the repti-fogger isnt very strong for this use.) Otherwise brand new, set up once to test the fog drop and I wasnt satisfied with it so never used it.
The enclosure temperature gradient is perfect 82 at the top and around 72-74 at the bottom during the day. Night drops are a normal 10 degree range.
Everything in the pics is included. I have so many pics of the rebuild of the hutch to the final images here and so many others
If you want the perfect ready to go setup with EVERYTHING you need to get started or pimp your current setup, this is it, The End!

Call 618 402 1010 to see in person. I will help setup at new location for the right deal as needed.

I would like $1000 cash no checks / paypal / money orders etc.

I would consider some trades. Super nice computer (desktop or laptop), 55" or larger flat screen TV (wall mountable). Running vehicle, may consider other items of value similar to cash price.


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