Chameleon doesn’t drink from dripper

Is there a way to get my Cham to drink on its own from a dripper? The only time I see my Jackson’s chameleon drink water is when I’m spraying his enclosure down. I have an automatic mister which I’ve never seen him drink from that either. Tia


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Hey! I know most people say to have the water drip on leaves but, I rearranged my cham’s dripper to drip from the top center of the cage over a long branch he likes to chill and bask on. He will look up and drink from it. Sometimes he just sits under it and lets the water collect on his casque and drinks. The photo attached is how I had it set up before upgrading his enclosure. Same concept.


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I have only an automatic mister and I catch my cham shooting his tongue at water droplets all the time. I would make sure your mister is hitting leaves or branches so it can accumulate into drops so he can notice it.

Toothless the cham

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even though I have a dripper my chameleon doesn't drink from it he will only drink from the leaves after water accumulates into little droplets.
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