Chameleon cant use tongue!


HELP PLEASE! My friends chameleon cant stick out his tongue any more and I dont know why or what I can do to help, I also have chameleons and have heard of this happening before but I cant remember how to help it or prevent it:( He is going to take him to Dr. Greek if he needs to so please help or suggestions! He is a male panther. PLEASE HELP A FRIEND IN NEED!!! :(:(:(:(:confused::eek::(:eek:
please guys My friend is really bummed and will sit there for 2 hours in the morning waiting to put a cricket in his mouth so he can eat, he loves him chameleons to death!
Go ahead and have him take the animal to the vet.

It could be that the animal has hyper-extended its tongue, and just needs a little time to heal the soreness.

He could have bitten it off.

It really could be alot of things.

Its likely injured one way or another though, but the vet would be able to ascertain exactly why.
Dr. Greek is going to be much more useful to your friend's chameleon than we could be, especially without knowing anything at all about the chameleon. It could be an injury, a vitamin deficiency, or any number of other things. He's an amazing vet, he'll be able to help.
I wish we had chameleon veterinarians around here! They're all at least 100 miles away unless I just don't know about them! :(
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