Chameleon breeders who would breed their male with my veiled chameleon?


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Im not a lawyer(but I wouldn't mind:))...but I can be a health inspector for now.....with everything Im looking at it...that glass enclosures(which is always recommend by a big box chain store like petsmart or petco,they will try sell u anything before u walking out that door) will bring in URI which is upper respiratory infection...the glass enclosures is not doing well on circulation for the air and creates stagnant moldy air environment.
Glass enclosures is only good for a start up like baby size veiled.For an adult size female...I would rather put them in a larger screen size enclosures no smaller than 18x18x36" size n prefer even bigger.
To invest in a better cage will be my best suggestion rather than a vet bill about to happen in the future(URI).
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