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I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a few pictures of these guys. *cough*trace*cough*. I am thinking of getting a pair as well as a pair of ellioti very soon. From what I understand bitans can be kept in the same fashion ellioti and rudis. Is this true?

Heya Danny! :D

HAHAHA! Never ask me for pics. I'm serious. I have millions. I document every last picayune detail about my silly chameleons. :rolleyes: I really need to start writing in earnest about my experiences (good and bad) with chameleons.

I know I've answered a few questions already from you about the ellioti and I'm glad to see that you are still considering some. The bitaeniatus (and related) are great, personable little animals. But yeah, I keep all my bitaeniatus complex chameleons the same. 80F max daily with at least 70% humidity. 10-20 degree drop at night with 100% humidity. All seem to do well with these parameters.

You may have read my posts here and on other chameleon specific forums comparing and contrasting the species in the group so I don't want to bore you too much, but certainly if you have any questions, please fire away.

On with the pics!

Adult male bitaeniatus (chucking a moon :eek:)


CB male bitaeniatus (first ever shed). Notice the poo.


CB female bitaeniatus. Poo hat.


CB juvenile female bitaeniatus.


CB female ellioti. Poo headphones. The bitans are poo magnets!


Female goetzei. A rarely seen member of the bitan group.


Female "Red phase" rudis. Another rarely seen member.


Hope you liked my pics!

*cough*heika*cough* has also produced some babies from my ellioti adults so hopefully she will post some pics of those guys. I'd like to see how they are doing. I'm not sure what Heika plans to do with the babies, but I would recommend getting a few of those over some WC ones.

Also, I'd like to see pics of any bitan or related animals you get. I'd be interested in whom you buy them from, collection data if the importer gives it to you (ASK!) and what features (crests, spines, gular patches etc.) are the same or different amongst the group of animals you receive. All that kind of crap fascinates me about the complex - yeah, I'm a nerd. I can be reached through PM here or by email.

Cheers and thanks!
Babes are doing well! I would promise pictures, but I keep promising and not finding the time to take them. Little one eyed Willy bit it last week, though. They moved from the shop to the house due to a weather change.. they were looking a bit baked one day from the heat. They perked up in the air conditioning, and have been doing well since.

Little female with the mouth infection is recovering. The infection moved from the side of her mouth to her snout, and the vet cut in and removed green stuff from her poor snout.. lots of bruising, but it has been a couple weeks now since the last removal, and she looks good. Her wounds are healing, and it appears that the infection is gone for the moment. Cross your fingers..

Ok, Trace, for your numbers.. all of these youngsters have a black gular spot. Every single one.. that makes 13.

Danny, a portion of these littleuns will be available in a couple months, and my second female looks like she will pop any day, so if all goes well, I may be able to provide an unrelated pair in 3-4 months.

Do bitans always look, no offense grey? I have seen plenty pictures of ellioti, rudis, and a couple other small chams with awesome colors. It's not a requirement of mine but it definitely would be a perk. I still love my dwarfs no matter how plainly colored they are. Another two more questions, what gut load do you use, and do you have any expierence with nick mole, first choice reptiles?

Heya Danny! :D

No offense taken! Most true bitaeniatus are pretty dull when it gets right down to it. Most of them that I've ever seen in person and in pics are browns, tans, greys on white. If you are already working with the pygmies, I can understand your desire for something with a little more oomph. The ellioti and rudis may be what you need.

I've been using the WER montane gutload for many years now but they've recently stopped production of that so I switched over to the walkaboutfarms/rock solid gutloads. I haven't been using that for too long now, but so far it's been great. I also swear by their "montane shade" vitamins for my various bitans. I will not use Reptivite, Miner-all and whatever else is out there.

I do have experience buying from Nick Mole. Some of my bitans came from him as a matter of fact. Like everybody else, I've had good and bad dealings with him. He does represent his animals honestly and he tends to get in animals that many other importers aren't.

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