Cham won't eat, until now!


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Hi All,

Well I just wanted to share a story that might help others in the future. I have had my 2 Veiled Chams for almost 2 months now (more like 1.5) and from day 1 I had difficulties with my male eating enough. He was a bit younger than my female who was about 10 weeks old so I am guessing he was about 6-8 weeks old when I got him. He would only eat free roaming food and never out of any containers and he would only eat about 3-5 crickets a day and leave a bunch running around. I hated this so much! So I tried many things to fix it and finally I think I have solved the problem or maybe he just got older I don't know. Basically all I did was feed him a couple Silkworms. Ever since he tasted the first one he is a mad man! He eats everything in sight now. Already today he has had around 10 crickets and he is still running around looking for more as I type this. I am not sure what caused this quick turnaround but man I am happy as hell to watch my little guy gorge on some food finally! He is also eating from his container for the first time and from the look of it, it seems like he only figured this out cuz he is so hungry. :D
Hey thats sweet! It's not so common to meet other Turks in America. I am actually only 1/2 Turk from my father, my mother is as American as apple pie. I lived for 2 years in Istanbul though, about 2 years ago for work. I learned a lot of Turkish there for the first time but I am still not even close to fluent, and then I moved to Germany and learned German for 2 years so my Turkish is so far gone it's not even funny. Although there are more Turks in Germany than Germans I think most of them forgot Turkish also, or at least the ones my age. Have you ever been to Turkey? I got tons of pics if you haven't been before. I found the entire country just incredible and unique.
From what I have seen, Turkey must have the highest ratio of beautiful women per capita anywhere in the world...
I've never lived there though - correct me if I'm wrong.
There are some super hot women there that is for sure. But they are very conservative for the most part and very few hot older women if you know what I mean :) Something happens to them around 50 and they totally go to shit LOL! My dad has 5 sisters I watched it happen. My American grandfather still says that my aunts are the hottest women he has ever seen but he hasn't seen them since my parents wedding 30 years ago! But aside from looks they are also very loving and have super personalties.
I'm sorry I think I hijacked the thread without thinking.

Phatturk: Since you shared a little bit about yourself, it would be ignorant of me if I haven't done the same. Briefly I will so.
I was born and have lived in Istanbul for 18 years. Born in 1982, started college in 2000. Came to Ohio University to study computer science. Met my wife in a physics class (yeah, seriously) and now we work in Cleveland. My wife wanted to get a cham and I got very interested in the subject. Now, I spend most for my free time on reading about chams.
The entire country is quite unique. It's got to do with being the cradle of civilizations.
Since this is a pet related forum, here's a pet related example of uniqueness: Turkish Van Cat

Tygerr: Turkey is surely a beautiful place. I still miss my summer breaks when I traveled to Turkey to see my parents and enjoy the Aegean sea. Culture is completely different compared to USA. This can be said for many other Mediterranean countries. I'm sure you can find a bazillion photos on the net but here's where I spent my breaks.

Link to Album

About beauty of Turkish women: Beauty is like art. It depends on your perspective. Being lived there for years, I don't even know of such a statistic. However, my personal experiences has never been displeasing.

Note to Phatturk: There may be ladies on this forum that may get concerned about your comment on turning 50. Don't get me wrong, I'm just voicing my opinion.
Your right I will be more careful about the things I write, it was just a joke anyway. There are many many beautiful older Turkish women, I was just stereotyping based on my own family, Sorry!
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