Cham update, with pics!


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Hey all, its been a while since I have posted any pics of my chams, have been very busy with new breeding and specie projects but I managed to get some pics of some of the chams today.

First up is my male Veiled Bolt, he unfortunetely got mbd, I chose him from a bunch of hatchlings as a gift from a Paul R, he was born with funny wrists and was practicly raised outside and still got mbd...But he has recovered and doing well, he is not too agressive and is a really good breeder.
He will be breeding to about 3 females in the next 2 weeks, lucky guy :D

My last female veiled that I had which was also 1 of my first chameleons escaped a couple months back and I found her recently but she was in very bad shape and died last week...she was about 5 years old...
Here is my female panther that is receptive again.

My other female gravid, she is part of the big breeding projects :p

Male which was paired with above female^^

And here are some pics of my male panther, he is a lot more red now.
Before seeing the female...

And here I put the female in the cage, didnt let them breed though...

Very nice profile shot of Flameboy ;)

Now hes just hunting her down...



Hope you liked the pics
He must have been pretty angry with you when you took him out. You may be in for a good bite next time you reach in his cage.
Thanks guys :D yeah I was thinking that he is probably getting pi**ed about that...I want to get another female or 2 for him. He is a very friendly panther though, all of my chams are :)
Nice collection.

Compliments on saving the veiled, but why in the world are you going to use him as a breeder when he was so susceptible to MBD? Please think twice before passing those genes down and spreading them around. Veileds with stronger genes are very cheap and could be aquired for breeding stock, and he could continue to be your pet pal.

Just a thought.

Do all hobbyists a favor and be picky when it comes to your breeding stock. Even if the offspring look OK, they may still be carrying bad genes that could come out in later generations when nobody will be watching for it...

Edit- sorry- just realized you are in south africa. Don't know what veileds cost down there, but my advice would be the same even if they are expensive. Get another male- even if you have to borrow one and split the offspring. It's still better than passing on genetics from an individual who was so prone to MBD.
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I see what you mean but dont really know/think that it will carry on to the offspring? This was him when he was younger, and why I chose him ;)
Still want to see if the pattern comes through to the babies

And I used to have this male that was the most yellow veiled that I had ever seen in South Africa and he was HUGE but was the worlds worst breeder and such a pitty...

Oh and he did not get the burns in my care...I bought him like that...

The male I have now is such a keen breeder. He will chase females down like his life depends on it...
And I have heard that the females (they are not my females) are huge and robust so I dont think it will be a problem?
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