Cham ignoring egg laying bin! Help!


hi everyone. I have a female veiled chameleon and she’s about 6 or 7 months. She finally got her yellow coloring in a couple weeks ago now. And I have her on a controlled diet so as to avoid huge clutches of eggs when she starts laying. Now, she has started to spend a lot of time at the bottom of her enclosure and has started scratching at the floor and the walls which makes me think she’s trying to find somewhere to lay her eggs. She also always eats all the crickets I (cup) feed her but haas started leaving a couple behind and when I tried feeding her another one, she’s not into it which is not like her at all. She’d eat all day if I fed her that much lol

But the thing is I set up a 12 inch bin with moist play sand for her to lay her eggs in and she’s totally ignoring it. And it’s not like I can just grab her because for the most part, when I try to handle her (which is not often at all. I wait weeks in between each try to try again) she’ll do a tiny hiss meaning “get the hell away from me” lol so yeah. Help? She hasn’t even tried set foot in the bin or dug test holes before she decided not to like it so yeah. Should I just cover her enclosure at this point and hope for the best?


Update: she’s still eating of course but her digging at the ground and not in her bin still worried me haha

She also doesn’t look lumpy? Lol and I suppose she scratches all over her enclosure. Not just the ground. If I open the door to her enclosure to water her, she tries climbing out.
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It usually takes my girl more than a week to go from her showing signs of wanting to lay to actually digging test holes. Be patient, Jann will not steer you wrong.

For whatever reason my girl insists on digging out every single rock and plant in her viv before she will ever even consider setting foot in her bin. I’m pretty sure she does it just to aggravate me!
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