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Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by marr.lenn, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. marr.lenn

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    ive had my cham for a while now and Ive noticed the balls he has by his eyes but I never thought much of them until now because I started to notice them more the thing that worries me is that there's times when he shoots his tongue out to eat a cricket or a hornworm or anything else that I feed him and he misses them I let the crickets loose all over his cage and the worms in a cup I just don't want him hurting his tongue if he gets the cup instead it doesn't seem to stop him from eating I just want to know what they are and how to treat it he doesn't have any other issues except for bad aim at times

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  2. kinyonga

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    With that swelling it's no wonder he can't hit the insects!
    There are lots of things that cause eye problems and sadly I can't tell you what's causing it in yours. Hopefully someone else will have an answer for you.
  3. marr.lenn

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    I want to get him checked out and take him to a vet but its not exactly easy to find a place that looks at chams
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    Are you near Yorba Linda? Dr. Tom Greek is supposed to be excellent.

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