cham climbing on screen

shane dewar

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my midlands dwarf cham keeps climbing onto the screen of his cage and then turns completely black, when i take him off he climbs right onto the screen again. is this normal the way they colour up or is he getting stessed
it is normal for your chameleon to climb on to the screen, but turning dark colors like your sayin probably means he is stressed. do you have enough vinage/limbs...etc for him to get to when he is on the screen, it could be he gets on the screen and doesn't see a way to get off of it and that might scare him.
also you could be stressing him out, my chameleon darkens up when I'm in the room he hates the site of anyone and anything moving, but thats just how some chameleons are.
why take him off? If thats where it want to go so be it. Unless he is endangering himself. I try not to intervene as much as possible especially for a fresh WC. Id just get your care down and leave him be.

In screen cages, I try to line the perimeter with vines and sticks. Mine will still screen climb but have the option to use the vines and stuff around the edges.
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