cham being picky... need suggestions for the cup?


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so recently my 9 month male panther chameleon, Freddy, has become picky. Freddy never had any issues eating any bug I put in his cup. He could literally eat all day if I let him. Recently he's being picky to where he only eats crickets or dubias if I let them out of his cup so he can hunt around for them. I dont really like this idea much if im being honest but I have been doing it because its the only way he will eat. Even lately he wont even eat the hornworms or silkworms from the cup, i have to place them on a branch. Maybe its the color of the cup, or maybe the placement? I have no idea. I havent found any other branch it could work on where he could easily see in side of it or where it doesnt fall. but its the white bird cup feeder that gingero always recommends. Im thinking of buying a feeder like the full throttle one but it has an open top. Wouldnt they escape? For my 4 month panther chameleon he has one i actually got off etsy and he loves it. Only issue I find is with the one i got off etsy it does have a top and the opening isnt that large so I literally cannot pour the crickets from the cricket vitamin cup into the feeder. I have to use the vitamin cup to a smaller cup and then pour into the feeder lol its a hassle and with that many transfers a lot of crickets end up on the floor. Anyways, idk what to do or buy but I am open to suggestions. Thanks


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do u also use the cricket shaker thing from petco to dust ur crickets? if so how does that work out with this one? any issues?
I use an old (& cleaned) tall cottage cheese container…similar to a tall deli cup. Bugs go in, a sprinkle of magic dust (supplement du jour), quick little swirl and use tongs to place in the shooting gallery. I tried various cricket shakers and ended up with snowmen bugs and supplement powder all over the place. It would have been ok if the crickets would have gone back up the little tube, but they didn’t.
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