CB Rieppeleon and Rhampholeon

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I have been working with Rieppeleon brevicaudatus and Rhampholeon temporalis for a few years and have a number of surplus males for sale. The animals available are adult and captive-born (from long-term wild-collected females). I have a number of young CBB (true F1) that should be ready for new homes later in the summer.

I do not have any females for sale of either species at the moment, but I do have a very short waiting list, so let me know if you'd be interested in adding your name for future clutches.

As you may know, species of Rhampholeon and Rieppeleon were added to CITES Appendix II, and Rh. temporalis is now considered endangered (EN) under the IUCN Red List, which makes their exportation highly regulated (at long last). For this reason, I am giving priority to individuals and institutions either already working with Rieppeleon and/or Rhampholeon, or those with significant chameleon experience and an interest in working with these species. Last time I offered surplus for sale, I received many inquiries from dealers interested in purchasing multiple (or all) of my animals. If you are a dealer, please do not contact me to inquire about purchasing these animals.

As mentioned, the animals for sale are adults and captive born, but I do have upcoming clutches of true F1 animals as well as a couple of F1 clutches that hatched at the beginning of the year. I will post those animals here once they are ready, including any potential females.

The photographs below are of the actual animals for sale, though I have not included all of them here. As you'll see they are perfect and very healthy.

Ri. brevicaudatus Male No. 01:

CB_pygmies 1.jpg
CB_pygmies 2.jpg

Ri. brevicaudatus Male No. 02:

CB_pygmies 3.jpg
CB_pygmies 4.jpg

Ri. brevicaudatus Male No. 03 (Same animal, photographed minutes apart):

CB_pygmies 5.jpg
CB_pygmies 6.jpg

I keep all my adults individually, and the hatchlings in small groups, in bioactive ExoTerra enclosures. Here are some of the CBB (F1) animals (not yet for sale):

CB_pygmies 7.jpg

CB_pygmies 9.jpg

Rh. temporalis Male No. 01:

CB_pygmies 10.jpg
CB_pygmies 11.jpg

Due to the number of clutches I have incubating at the moment, and the desire to get as many people working with these species as possible, I am offering these males at the following price (plus shipping and a small box/cryopak fee):

Rieppeleon brevicaudatus (males): $35.00
Rhampholeon temporalis (males): $50.00

Females will cost slightly more when they do become available.

I am located in Northern California and would be thrilled to avoid shipping, whenever posible, especially to the hotter states. Still, I have experience shipping these animals, so I'll consider shipping across the country on an individual basis.

I will be keeping an eye on my private messages more often here, so feel free to send me a note or any questions through there.

Thank you very much,



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I hit my limit of photos above, so here are some more.

CBB (F1) Ri. brevicaudatus (hatched last night):
CB_pygmies 3 (2).jpg

CBB (F1) Ri. brevicaudatus (holdback female):
CB_pygmies 4 (1).jpg

CBB (F1) Ri. brevicaudatus (male):
CB_pygmies 3 (1).jpg

CBB (F1) Rh. temporalis:
CB_pygmies 2 (1).jpg

CB_pygmies 2 (2).jpg

CB female Rh. temporalis right after laying eggs:
CB_pygmies 1 (1).jpg

CB female Rh. temporalis No. 2
CB_pygmies 1 (2).jpg
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