CB R. Temporalis Trio

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Also have (free to a GOOD home) / you pay shipping

1 female R. nichi leaf cham
1 female R. ulu leaf cham
1 female unknown - either ulu or nichi

The top 2 I have had for at least 6 months or longer.

Tempting roo... quite tempting. I love the R.Nichi's but it would probably expire before I would be able to locate a partner for it.

Right now I have 1.3 R.Brev, and 2.3 R.Temporalis...

Long live the pygs.
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Will do on Sunday. For now, here is the male brev.


If you have not found a home for them, I will adopt them. Email me at [email protected]. We can work out shipping choices. I own all males of other varieties, Veiled and Panther. I have never shipped/received a live animal before but have read lots of research on shipping, so I can look into it.
Let me know.

Bobbi L.
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