Cats waging war on the crickets


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Does anyone else have problems with cats obsessing over your chameleon's food. My two cats don't care at all about my chameleons ( I guess they don't move fast enough for the cats to even register that they are there) and have never bothered them, but they have it in for any insects I feed the chams. I have tried many different ways of keeping the cricket keeper from being knocked over, but they find a way every time. They know that if they can get it upside down, the crickets can escape, and then they can spend the next hour or so hunting them down and eating them.
Just curious if anyone else has issues with other pets eating the chameleon food.
I have mine in a 10gallon aquarium and my dog a cocker will set there and kick the glass over and over and over. Then she snaps at the glass like shes going to eat one. Occasionally she finds a loose one and chases it down and plays with it until its dead but she will not eat it.
I keep all the feeders in translucent containers so the cats aren't tempted, not to mention they are also inside a spare exoterra. So yeah, it would be a problem if I wasn't goin overboard.

I refer to the cats as the clean up crew, I inevitably lose a few when feeding and they are always there waiting, I suspect they think it's play time.
Careful with the cats there. I think I remember another member who had his cat maul up a chameleon, not once, but twice! Cats act all respectful in the presence of the master, then as soon as your back is turned they attack. I dont keep my cats inside, and yes, they have tipped over cricket buckets in the past. I now use bricks to keep lids closed. Meh... If my chameleon could roam around free and catch mice, the cat would be out of a job...and a home.
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