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can i catch moths and give them to my cham? my vet suggested the most natural food for her because they are better.
yes they can eat moths. The brown ones are safe, the ones that hang around the lights at night outside. The only risk we take feeding these types of insects is if they have somehow been exposed to pesiticde spray. What I usually do is catch the moths and keep them for a day or so in a container. If they die, then oh well. If they are alive, I figure if they were exposed to pesiticde they would be dead so I feel they are safe to feed..

I tend to let them go into the chameleons cages as soon as I catch them, I have not been able to keep them alive more than a few days once caught. However right now I am catching moths every night with a home made moth trap- strong outdoor light and large white tarp around it, check each morning for new ones on the tarp, the fresh daily catch is a welcome addition to the diets
any insect that makes it in my house, except for spiders, I've fed to my cham. Mainly flies and moths. I've considered spiders, but I can't fathom the amount of regret I'd feel if one bit my dude. The moth trap is a great idea. I might start going out on the porch at night and catching breakfast for Koop :D
I've given up chasing moths at night ( as much sport as that can be)in the morning they are all just asleep on the tarp tee-peed over the light so they can be just picked up and don't fly away
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