Carpets colors eating and drinking question


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Hi guys,
It's me again lol. Well I might be stressing over too much but still lol.
So my new carpet eats really good, haves healthy appetite, this morning he sprinted to his feeding cup once he saw he still had couple cricks left from last night lol. I'm happy he know where to go to eat, I guess all of us are that are cup feeding ( 2x2x4 age can't let him hunt too big for small carpet lol)

Anyway I notice that he even sleeps in dark colors, he's usually all dark rarely really light green and even when he is in that light green e usually runs away so not sure or that's his stress color or what.

In past 2 days that I had him i didn't see him drink what so ever, I do have dripper and I leave him alone misty whitout disturbing unless misting or putting more cricks in. He's urate is white so I'm happy.

Also since I put small branches in he stopped climbing screen Yay!!!
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