carpet chameleon

it depends where you go, depends the sex, depends if it is WC or CB/CH.
depends if you get it from a breeder or petstore.

unless you go through a breeder, your chances of getting something around 6 months are slim, and even then all breeders have different prices.

check out they are a site sponsor who has them. I believe LLL has them roll through at times too.
Check the BOI at about theveiledchameleon before you buy. Just warning you.
If its $70, its most likely a wild caught. Kevin Stanford sells CB juvis for $100 plus shipping. CB are harder to find but worth the extra money considering the complications you get with WC specimens. JMO
They have a rep for not exactly being honest/trustworthy. Some have ordered from them just fine, others did not have such good experiences with them.
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