Carpet Chameleon laid eggs...?


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So I have a female carpet chameleon that is almost 10 month old. I have suspected her being gravid for a while now and when I came today I saw a bunch of eggs in her tank. I bought her 5 months ago so I consider it impossible for her to have mated with a male before i bought her so presume the eggs are infertile. As I was moving the eggs out of the tank however i accidentially popped one, and I literally so something very starkly resembling a tiny chameleon embryo coming out. Is that normal? Also what should I do now. Of course I am planning on dumping the eggs, but in terms of care is there anything I should pay special attention to?


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There would be no discernable embryo developing at laying.

Just because she hasn't mated does not mean they are necessarily infertile. Was she an adult when you received her? How do you know her age? Wild-caught, captive-bred? They retain sperm for multiple clutches after a single laying.

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