CANV and other infections...


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You're welcome.

I have a particular interest in CANV since the study started with Dr. Pare because of my Parsons chameleon and later, a jewelled chameleon. It took a long time and a lot of work to determine what the fungus was. The chameleon was treated way before it was figured out. Trychophyton was one of the first things it was diagnosed as, incorrectly of course....after all of us had been touching the chameleon (not the lesions)...just the chameleon.
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Great read! Interesting how C. granulomatis can appear in chameleons. K. granulomatis was something I ran into in new Guinea but was something that was transmitted sexually and sometimes orally. I guess it would make sense that a chameleon from an area where this fungus exhists could get it orally from its tongue. Also interesting that both fungus, though seperated by species, still attack the liver. Gross, sad, but mostly intriguing! Thanks for the post!
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