CANV again...

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Wow... that's some wicked fungi.

"Infection also occurred in one of 10 animals in the environmental exposure group, and the recovery of the fungus from settle plates and cage materials indicated its potential for fast dissemination in the captive environment."

So it's super fast growing due to the temps/humidity of our cham keeping and it spreads like wildfire. Also, apparently these strands didn't respond to any specific antifungal....! If there's good news here it's that it wont transfer to humans.

This is why quarantine procedures are important! Good read, thanks for motivating me to go scrub down my cages!


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@Brodybreaux25 ...I'm not running! :)

@Hashtag ChamLife spread quickly in the Parson's but was killed off by the itraconazole. When he died eventually his body underwent a necropsy and it was still gone. He died of something totally unrelated to it.

The poor little lateralis wasn't so lucky....but it wasn't determined that it died only from the CANV ...there were other issues too.

Both were wild caught...and I'd only had them acouple of days when the fungus became very apparent.

We had all been handling them with our bare hands because the fungus just looked like a scrapped knee that was almost healed at first. At first the CANV was diagnosed as trichophyton (ring worm) and we thought we'd all be getting it...but that's not what it was...obviously. It had been given several other names before they finally figured out that it was a new one...thanks to my vet (J. Pare) continuing with it.

I was surprised that it was such a widespread fungus...and I still am.
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