Canandian members! (Or Anyone that may know!) Need your input!


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I have currently been looking into and researching ambilobe and armbanja ambanja.. Haha iPad changed itchameleons, possibly looking into getting one.

Where do you fellow Canadians get your chameleons and do they shop to Nova Scotia?

The pet store said they could bring one in for me, but I'm not sure i want to do that..

Any reputable breeders in Canada that ship to my area would be great to know!

Thanks! Hannah


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sorry I'm from southern ontario and I ended up getting lucky finding a nice person on kijiji who bread some healthy veiled's. good luck, hopefully more people will chime in!

slim pik

I don't have those locales currently,but I do have Nosey Mitsio's from W.C. parents,a very rare and desirable locale.I ship anywhere in Canada.
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