Can you handle panther chameleons too much?


I have a 2.5-3 month old panther chameleon that I absolutely adore. I love just holding her, but I also like to take her out of his cage and hold her outside so she can get some sunlight! I know that you can stress them out and that would be bad for her, but she shows no signs of stress that I'm aware of. When I walk in the room she climbs to her door and it seems like she's asking for me to take her out. She also hates going back in her cage after I try to put her up.

My question is if my panther isn't showing signs of stress can I keep handling her? Or should I try to keep it to once a day instead of multiple times.

Also does anyone know for sure if this is a male or female? I was sold it at an amazing price, but wasn't guaranteed a sex. His best guess was that it is a female.



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I agree, if it's choosing to climb on you then it wouldn't be stressing it out too much. My chams want nothing to do with me so I dont handle them. They are still young so I'm hoping the'll lighten up at some point. And I too think that its a female.
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