Can you gut load superworms?


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It is beginning to be the only food Picasso will eat now, and having to hand feed he will just turn away when offered, can you gut load superworms?


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Of course you can,

I have 2 bins of supers, the large housing bin they live in with wheat bran etc. Then a smaller gut load bin that I keep 20-30 in and fill that with the repashys SuperLoad, and other veggies and let them eat away in there for a few days before I feed them off. While replacing what I feed off from the small bin out of the larger housing bin, on a never ending cycle.


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Steve, the Cricket Crack guy even makes a special dry gut load for supers. I also use fresh fruits and veggies just like with the crickets.


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I have had good success so far with my super worms eating apples carrots and a little bit of greens.I am new to the hobby so i am learning as well.


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It is beginning to be the only food Picasso will eat now, and having to hand feed he will just turn away when offered, can you gut load superworms?

yes you can, but you should still do what you have to ensure your chameleon eats a variety of prey.
Superworms should form no more than 20% of the chameleons diet. The best way to ensure he eats things other than superworms is to cease offering superworms for a few weeks. When the chameleon gets hungry he will eat the crickets and other prey you offer. Eventually, once he's back to eating a variety of feeder prey, you can introduce the occasional superworm again.

superworm gutload substrate:
additionally, they will eat much of the same vegetable matter than crickets will.

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Yes there are many veggies and fruits that Superworms will eat. We use apples, carrots, blueberries, occasional strawberries, and squash! ;-)


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I also take 5 or so out of my bin that they are housed in and put them into another container for gut loading and usually leave them in there for a day or two before using them as feeders.


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I too had a boy that would only eat super worms. I got him on a normal diet by only offering him 2 supers every Sunday.and offered him crickets every day but only left the feeder cup in for 4 hours a day. After the first week he decided to eat a cricket or two. By week 6 he was eating crickets every other day.Hes about 3 now and eats any bug I give he still only gets 2 supers every Sunday. As far as your gut loading goes. I too give mine fruits and veggies along with keeping them in a high calcium and vitamin substrate.


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Ok so i jus got my 1st reptile which is a dalmation eyelash crested gecko...shes 3 yrs old and even still has her tail which ive learned that at 3 yeats old thats pretty damn impressive..i got her about 2 weeks ago and ive done SO MUCH RESEARCH on them and ive learned quite a bit about cresties from the reaserch ive bak to wat i was saying im a beginner reptile owner who wants to know how exactly to gutload all the insects she eats...right now ive only got large superworms(which im in the 2 stages of starting my own colony of superworms) cuz my petco was completely out of i feed her the rephashy crested gecko diet but i also want to feed her the nutritional insects and,if i can find out what all kinds of veggies and leafy greens theyre allowed to eat,also feed her i bough some mazuri better bug gutload diet and i cant find out how much i am actually supposed to put in one of those little white cups theyre super and meal worms come in with about 25 large meal not trying to put too much in and waste it cuz theres not really alot in the bag so i was wondering if anyone cld help me out...and also do i mix it in with the crap they originally come in..?? I actually blended up some mazuri rat bloks to a fine powder and added it to my grow bin to give them somethimg i thought might fatten them up faster...

But ok i basically would like to kno about how much gutload im supposed to put in the small cup that petco sells theyre superworms in that has approximately 25 large superworms in it...and is it beneficial to add some of the stuff they came in to the amount of gut load..??? Please help this

The first pic is of the actual container that im going to use to gutload my worms in and the butter dish is jus to allow u to scale the actual size of the cup

The second pic is of the gutload i will be using and the amount and size of the worms im gutloading


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I use a non-medicated chick feed and add a few greens or other vegetables for moisture, just don't add too many vegetables/greens at once you don't want the substrate to get damp and mold., I usually add a very small amount that is gone within an hour or two.
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