can u over do UVB


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so im curiuos is it possible to expose your cham to too much uvb? i am aware that too much light could be hard on the eyes or humity levels, i only ask because i have a reptisun 5.0 18" and i dont find it casts alot of viasible light. i also have a dual cfl hood with repti-glow 5.0 cfs that does produce alot of light. ( so i know hes getting it ) i know that there has been some debate over cfl's but i have determined with some reasearch that the ones i have are fine. but will having both of these lights on ( for short periods when im not home i only leave the reptisun on ) over do the UVB for my cham?

thx hoj & Camo


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It is possible to "over-do" it. It's like a sun burn or more appropriately UV-radiation. Many of us with montanes have to be sure to offer plenty of shade because while the cham will love the light in the mornings and evenings, during most of the day my chams will head for the shade.


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It is essential in todays reptile husbandry to allow our animals to self regulate the amount of UV exposure.

I use with all of my animals multipule basking site both UV and Non UV this allows them to heat up without being in UV.

This leaves you with much healthier happier animals

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