Can someone tell me what these are and should I be worried


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So yesterday I noticed these flying around my enclosure (not inside) there was about 4 which I got rid off today there was another 5 and one managed to get inside I have no idea what they are and why they are all of a sudden turning up are they somthing I should be worried about


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They are black soldier flies. Do you have nutrigrubs/pheonix worms/black soldier fly larvae(BSFL)?
They are a good feeder option for your chameleon. You can place them into your enclosure and have your cham hunt them. 👍
Omg thank u so much I was so worried it was because of my enclosure or somthing I have calci worms if it’s them


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Chams love them... It means your putting in the pupated ones... They have the harder black shell. These you want to put in a cup in the bottom with a hole in it. As they hatch out they will fly out the hole but this way the cham can not get to them until they fly out. The moving wiggly ones are the ones you want to feed to your cham and he will love the flies as well.
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