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I saw this product called JurassiDiet Easi-Silkworm it says it self that chameleons eat that even though its kinda soft boiled worms :| but I wanted to be sure if it is good for them and if my jackson eats that thing?
It sounds like a dead prepared food, most chams ( all of mine ) will not show any interest in non living prey items.
With the exception of veileds eating the odd pc of fruit or vegatable.
I've noticed, if it doesn't really move, and should, my veiled won't eat it. If a cricket croakes in the feeder cup, it is there when I empty it. Just like the two hornworms today that were barely moving or not moving at all, he didn't eat them.
several years ago I gave some of the "Can o' X" types a try when I had just one panther and it was winter, wanted to see if they would work as an emergency backup if I couldn't get feeders (I was waaaay in the upstate NY sticks). but I also bought the vibrating bowl with its little remote control.

worked like a charm with the bowl. I tried crix and grasshoppers and the bowl does a really good job at making them look "jumpy". without the bowl there was zero interest. in terms of nutrition I would never use them as a regular diet source, however.
thank you so much I have just bought my cham and he is still a little shaky when I got him out of the box the petshop put him in he was all black and was grabbing his horn with his hand :( poor fellow is still a little scared of me so I really want to give him some good treat to be friend him . I also think I gave him a hard attack when I used chopsticks to place a mealworm in the far end of his cage .....
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