Can I use this ?

your link doesn't take me to the right place. it might help if you could post a pic of the lamp, i'm not familiar with it :confused:
Looks like this is what the OP had intended to link to...,15163


self-ballasted UV-B mercury vapor lamp
optimal supply of UV-A, UV-B and infrared warmth for reptiles in terrariums
simulates the sun's natural UV radiation
optimal UV-B supply for desert and savannah day active reptiles
suitable for daily exposure (do not exceed recommended distance to animal)
supports the synthesis of vitamin D3 and helps prevent metabolic diseases
UV-A radiation emitted supports activity, reproduction and appetite in animals
The only thing that would be worrying to me is this:

optimal UV-B supply for desert and savannah day active reptiles

But if adjusted properly above the enclosure and allowing space to retreat from the light, it should be ok.....but again, it would have to be placed properly(not too close to get burned). Would probably need a solar meter to test what it is putting out. But that is just my humble opinion, I would wait for some more experienced light gurus to chime in.
me and most of the forum users have reptisun 5.0 bulbs, if its for desert reptiles that's probably to much UVB. the recommended UVB is 5.0 for chameleons.
Hope this helps :)
I have exo terra repti glo 5.0. I use exo terra 5.0 repi glo for uvb. But I want to use ''trixie lamp'' for heating
That is an overpriced waste if you only want it for basking temps.

Just use a regular house bulb for basking.
I use a 65 watt grow light I got from Lowes for about $8.00. Works great in the brooder clamp light enclosures.
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