Can I put in live branches from my trees outside?

Can I put in live branches from my trees outside?
I brought one inside and let my boy Rufus chill out on it, I was wondering if I could keep it in his cage. He seems much happier with it (his colors are brighter) than in his cage. I just put the plant on a long table for right now.


yes you can put them in the habitat but y ou have to remove the leaves and bake them to sanitize can put them outside in the tree for a while but as for the needs to be clean


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Yes, definitely. I use only real branches in my cages. I did not bake mine or do anything besides hose them off, but they're still holding up like new 1 year later. Obviously use your best judgement and don't use branches riddled with holes, fungi, or bugs but fresh-cut branches are the best, in my opinion.


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Live branches are the way to go because they are free! If they are to big to bake I just dump boiling water over them a few times then good to go.
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