Can I keep my Chameleon in this?


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I have recently decided to get a panther chameleon. I have kept ball pythons, green tree pythons, red tail boas, corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, and geckos for the past 10 years, and I've decided I want to expand my collection. I have done some thorough research, and am confident I can care for my chameleon when I pick him up at the next NARBC, but I want to go ahead and get his enclosure ready.

Here is my problem. I don't want a screen enclosure. I want this to be purely a display animal. I was hoping to create a living vivarium and get a Nosy B. Can I keep a panther in an enclosure like this:

It is a 6x5x2 cage with ventilation, but it is not a screen cage. I was hoping to grow plants, vines, and orchids in the cage. Maybe get a waterfall and fogging system on the bottom of the cage. I was hoping that since the cage is so large it would be ventilated enough for a panther. I want only one male, and I am well aware that this cage is too big for just one chameleon, but again, this is for display.

I wanted to check in with some people that have kept chameleons for a few years, or even someone that has done something like this. If it is not going to work I would like to go ahead and know now before I drop two grand on this project.


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Chameleons CAN be kept in glass but it's just tricky. If the cage has holes on the sides or back as long as the top that should be a decent amount of ventilation. What some people do is use small computer fans to suck the air out of the enclosure and create good ventilation. Many people don't keep chameleons in glass for the reason that it is expensive and inconvient with animals that are arboreal and need a large enclosure. Glass enclosures can also create issues with chameleons. If the ventilation isn't sufficient then the humidity is hard to control and mold spurs could grow and cause respiratory issues. Also some chameleons may see their reflection in the glass and become stressed so keep those in mind. Remember UVB can't go trough glass!


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It sounds like that same company is doing a screen enclosure with an acrylic front door for viewing. The one you linked to would be fine if there was a way to introduce some vents on the bottom to allow airflow.

If you're in love with their cages call and ask what they can do.

I also would leave out the waterfall, especially for a living vivarium. Chams always seem to do their business in them and are a nightmare to keep clean. Other than that sounds like a great project to me. Keep us posted I'd love to see what you do.


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The size is not too big for an adult. The more room for them the better as long as it is well ventilated you should be fine. You dont want an environment that is constantly at a high humidity. Chameleons can get respiratory infections easily if conditions are not right. Waterfalls are frowned upon for breeding bacteria
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