Can hornworms raise testosterone?


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I've recently started feeding my Veiled hornworms and have noticed him getting extremely aggressive. I've been feeding him them for about a week now and would just like to know because for most of the time I have had him he has been very friendly and very easy to handle. Now even trying to get him out of his enclosure to clean it is a challenge because he will bite and hiss whenever anyone gets near him. He is about a year old now give or take but I know he is sexually mature so could it just be his natural instincts kicking in?


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I think he's just cage aggressive they like to think of it as their space where they get food, if you reach in and try to take them out they know they're not gonna get food
its like Pavolv's dog theory. if you put the hornworm on your arm and let him voluntarily walk to you and eat it from your hand or arm then he will understand that your hands mean no harm and will be fine with you reaching into his cage, this is what I did with my chameleon, he was super aggressive but with a lot of hand feeding he tamed down a lot chams are smart, they know


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... my Veiled...

Here is why he is aggressive lol. Veileds are known to be more aggressive or defensive compared to other "Beginner" chameleons. Every chameleon has a different personality though so this could just be a phase that will pass.

My veiled is extremely aggressive towards me and strangers... My fiance is the only person he will tolerate in his cage and even handle him. Strange creatures sometimes lol
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