Can free ranging be a bad thing?


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So I'm fairly new to Chams but I thought I'd free range my female veiled after reading up on them. I set up a free range for her and she started to sort of desocialize. She stopped taking food from my hand and cup and started turning dark brown as soon as I walked in the room. Well she disappeared for about a day and when I found her I placed her in her cage and didn't let her back onto the free range until I could make it so she couldn't run off. Well flash forward a few days and she's back to readily taking food from my hand and acting more normal. I can even handle her without her turning dark brown again. Is it possible that she was too stressed by having so much space? Currently I'm leaving her in her enclosure as she seems happier there.

Free range set up

Enclosure set up
never!!!! i gives chameleons a chance to explore a little more, just so long as you keep an eye on him.
If you dont handle your chameleon often enough, they do become slightly feral. I have experienced this. Handle them at least 3 times or more a week. I have also noticed that free-ranging removes the "treat" factor from sticking your hand into an enclosure. They are pretty much free to walk around, so they tend to ignore you because there is not really anything to entice them. If you insist on free-range, use going outside as a "treat". After a few times, the cham will realize that hitching a ride on you means a trip outside. Good luck OP.
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