Can chameleons eat salamanders and if they do, can they get sick?

I would highly recommend against it, but it is possible for a chameleon to put a salamander in its mouth and swallow it. Many salamanders are poisonous, and even if they were not, there are numerous reasons not to feed them to chameleons including parasite transfer, improper nutrition, etc. Definitely stick with insects.


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I wonder, what's your goal?

House em together or actually feed them to your chameleon as part of it's diet?

Both bad ideas if you ask me, combining reptiles if frowned upon for a reason, it almost never works out well in the end.


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This is often asked about feeding them lizards and pinky mice. Generally the consensus is... Higher risk of disease, not sure of the digestability so stick with bugs.


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In addition to everything else said, chameleons are insectivores. Is a salamander an insect? Nope! Problem solved. Not safe. In general, it is unwise to feed chameleons vertebrate animals. Their bodies just aren't made to digest things with bones and that have so much meat on them
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