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I dont own a chameleon but my friend has three, about two weeks ago her one year old, Francois, showed up with these strange lumps all over his body, he is listless, does not eat and just lays at the bottom of the cage. The vet doesn't know what's wrong with him, its not worms or anything he's heard of. My friend feel's she is out of options and about to euthanise. Has anyone heard of anything like this??
Unfortunately it will be impossible for any of us to even make a random guess, much less provide useful advice without some info. If you check the sticky at the top of the Health Forum there is a list of questions you should try and answer, call your friend if you do not know all the answers. Otherwise we are just playing roulette.

You said that the bumps are the same color as the

Chameleons can get bumps that look a little like chicken pox that can contain bacteria, viruses and/or fungal material. The bumps for all three all look the same..but they are usually sort of beige in color.

They can and do often contain more than just one "thing" (bacteria, virus, fungus)...they need to be tested for each to be sure which of the three is there.

Every time I have encountered these beige bumps on a lizard (they appear on more species than just chameleons) the lizard dies unless it receives treatment.

The fungus that has been involved is usually fatal unless it is treated with an oral fungal medication....just treating the bumps doesn't work. It is also practicing safe hygene is important.

I can't tell you if this is what the chameleon has or not or if it will cause your lizard any harm...IMHO it needs to be taken to the vets to find out what it is for sure.
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