Calypso and Odysseus


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Was finally able to get my vieldes separated yesterday. They were housed together for about 2 weeks. I know Odysseus loves it being alone now cuz he is always bright green, but he has yet to go to his basking spot. Calypso on the other hand I don't think likes it so much. She is in a whole new cage, so maybe she is adjusting. Have yet to see her go to her basking spot and she is always brown. Also with her about to be 4 months old, when should I put in a bucket of sand for her?
you could put thebin in there now. They can lay eggs from about 5 months on or so.

Adding on to what Carol said and what I have seen her say previously, some depending on there enclosures and how they are treated can lay them way earlier than expected, but a lot of people find them laying between 9-14 months or so. Just have it ready and on hand so that she has it when she is ready, you'll notice because she will have her gravid coloration and the "Robin" egg pattern on her. I personally use organic potting soil that is very moist, you want it moist enough for her to tunnel.
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