Calumma Parsonii Cristifer

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by Action Jackson, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson Chameleon Enthusiast

    This is Glitch. He's one of my Cristifers. Love this guy. He was 50g when I got him a year and a half ago and he's now around 340g which is probably his max weight. One of his girlfriends laid another clutch of eggs today so hopefully they're fertile.
  2. Inky

    Inky Member

    LOL "girlfriends" ! but man he is so majestic !
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  3. Ezzerhoden

    Ezzerhoden Member

    That's a big boy! (Jealous)
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  4. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    Handsome guy! Good luck with the eggs!
  5. bobcochran

    bobcochran Chameleon Enthusiast

    Craig, don't think I'm not watching your cristifer progress closely. This is my dream chameleon. Had opportunities in the 90s but was a dumb ass. Things have changed so much!
  6. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson Chameleon Enthusiast

    It's hard for me to pick favorites out of my collection but Glitch and my two female Cristifers are definitely right up at the top. I actually like them better than the bigger Parsonii, they are very chill and great eaters.
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  7. Inky

    Inky Member

    lol so like keeping and breeding a stable parsonii chameleon are like the ultimate goal to chameleon owners? XD
  8. savage13

    savage13 Avid Member

    Craig keep me updated..Looking forward on your F1 baby's in the near future..(y)
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  9. bobcochran

    bobcochran Chameleon Enthusiast

    Really good news Craig!! Keep at it.
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  10. Inky

    Inky Member

    so those are new right? they will take years to hatch!!!!???!!!!
  11. Matt Vanilla Gorilla

    Matt Vanilla Gorilla Chameleon Enthusiast

    Real golden eggs! Wow!
  12. opheliaeatsbugs

    opheliaeatsbugs Avid Member

    That beautiful tail!!
  13. SammySup

    SammySup Member

    Good, that's a lot of eggs!!! He so so big!!!! I am thinking about getting one but I don't know how much they are and my price range is 200$ but he is pretty!!! :)

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