Calcium Dust with very calcium heavy diet?


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Hey guys so strange question of my thoughts here.

So what do you guys think about calcium dusting when a cham is fed an extremely calcium heavy diet.

By that, I mean well for starters the flat out removal of crickets, which is one of the worst P/C ratios there is lol.

Anyway, on to what will be fed.

Halloween Hissers, (1 to 3 C/P ratio)
Orange head Roaches, (1 to 4 C/P ratio)
Giant Green Banana Roaches. (1 to 4 CP Ratio)
Giant Caynon Ispods, (12 to 1 C/P ratio)
Pink Wing Stick insects, (I have no idea)
Ghost Mantids, (again never seen the data)
Hornworms (1 to 3 C/P)
Silks (1 to 1 C/P)

And for the heavy hitter!

Helix Aspersa (Off the charts! They have an insane amount of calcium (more than pheonix worms) in the meat alone. The shell is pure calcium carbonate).

So now 2 questions.
1. Would dusting be needed with a such a diet? The way I am seeing it, if you crushed a full grown H. Aspersas shell, you would get more Calcium dust then you possibly could get on a weeks worth of feeders. So 1 snail a week, and no dusting. Especially when combined with the high calcium feeders, as listed, fed high calcium diets (the above numbers were not high calcium diets).

2. Could not dusting along with such a diet be dangerous? Too much calcium?

I know we dust feeders to help fix the ratio. And that becomes extremely important with the likes of crickets at 1 to 19. But in the case above, it's kind of self balancing. (Assuming that sticks and mantis are 1/1 as I have no idea what they are, anyone know?) Snails are an extreme balancer, when dealing with roaches fed high calcium diets, as the highest % feeder.
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