Anyone know how I could fix this holes in the mesh cage? I had this cage for a while now it's a 24x24x48. I used to have my veiled in it but I could never really filled it up for him so I decided to go with a smaller cage (18x18) but now he has grow and that cage is getting small for him besides the other cage was in the garage taking too much space, so I got it out and clean it and noticed we had made some holes in it and I'm trying to fix it, also any ideas how can I hang things in the cage? I have lots of branches but they are not long enough to just put them from bottom to top so I was thinking on hanging them from the walls but I don't know how. I also never got the idea of how to hang leafs and stuff like that so any recommendations are good. Thank you!


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Hi. You can buy screen patch kits at any hardware store. Not expensive.

Search "cage setup" on this site for lots of threads on how to create an ideal environment for your chameleon.

Also check out the care sheets for your veiled to confirm you are using the correct lighting, temps, humidity and feeding to maintain his/her health. See link:
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