Cage Size 2x2 or 3x2


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I wanted to get a little feed back on this. Ultimately it will be, what ever makes me happy right.

So, I am building a cage/cages. I have 3 Veiled and have no idea how many chams in the future (getting addicted) I have a whole room dedicated to my little buddies. I can put 3 2x2 cages in the place of 2 3x2 cage.

Will my chams be happier in a larger 3x2 enclosure? Is it unnecessary?

Just about any cham will be happier in the 3x2. I would much rather have fewer chams that have generous living spaces to show me more activity and natural behaviors than a lot who are frustrated, bored and have little choice where to move around. Larger cages give you more flexibility in bushy plants, space to put more perches, vines, create more areas with different temps and humidity levels, etc.
These are length x width measurements, right? You'll see that chameleons always seem to really appreciate an extra foot of sideways space to move around in. Chameleons like walking horizontally more than vertically if given a chance, so they really like wider cages. I'd make a couple 4 x 3 x 2' cages if I had the space for them, your chameleons will love them.
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