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I bought a chameleon via Craigslist yesterday (I've done my research on chameleons, in case you're concerned). He's a year old and the guy has him in a 12''x12''x18'' glass w/ screen top terrarium, so I'm building a 3'x3'x5' screen cage. I want to plant the live plants in the bottom, so my idea is if I have a drainage system underneath to collect water so it doesn't stand, does anyone foresee a problem with this? My plan is to have a pan underneath with a strong, sturdy wire and screen secured across the bottom over that, so the water well just drain through. Also, I've built plant terrariums before and am wondering if I layered (from bottom to top) the rocks, purifying charcoal, and soil, the charcoal should not harm the chameleon, correct? It's the same charcoal used in aquariums with fish to keep the water fresh.
Any helpful suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Sup bro, I also bought my cham from Craigslist ,guy had him in a similar setup.,anyways 3x3x5 is a good size ,i have a 1 half male vieled In a homemade.2'x4'x6' cage ,I wouldn go with plants in pots with a drainage system ....I wanted to plant too ... but its easier maintenance if there in pots ,also what materials u gonna use for ur build? My build is all screen with a expanded Pvc bottom ,on a wood base
Probably so, I've ended up starting to build a 3x2x5 the back and bottom is wood with screen around the front and sides. I'm going to use branches and drift wood for perches in expanding foam with coconut fiber, like the how to you can find on under the vivarium101 link. I'm just glad he seems a lot more settled since I got him. :)
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